The Red Space focal points

The Red Space Society is a scientific association aimed at enabling a socalistic utilisation of space , including Earth, based on ingenuity, cusriosity and, above all, solidarity. The main areas of interest is actual technical and organisational solutions to make that vision a reality, to enable the road to universal communism.
Below are several points of interest which, in time, will come to provide roadmaps for different projects for the advancement of life in our part of the universe along the forementioned road. 

Note that the following points are simply short statements, for the sake of brevity. Each area is an immense challenge in itself but they are all connected and humanity simply cannot wait for capitalism to play catch-up with itself and keep holding us back for profit, ruining the planet in doing so. Information wants to be free, it has to be free and a socialist point of view is the only effective way to handle the challenges ahead. 


The society itself is based on voluntary contributions and workgroups which are synchronised by a central, democratically elected, comittee. Work groups are themselves organised as democratic entities with one or several objectives of research or engineering. For existing groups, such as open source communities, a liaison can be elected as a spokesperson in order to share insights and resources with the RSSS.


The "Production Allocation Exchange" token is a  personal, time-dependent, universally distributed meta-currency. It cannot be hoarded because it will "expire", nor will it fluctuate uncontrollably in value since it is tied to specific levels of energy and production. It is not physical, relies on block-chains and aims to enable a "subscription" based feedback for production planning during late stage socialism.  

Free information

As a movement based on the ideas of a socialist society, the RSSS does not recognize the use of patents, locked publications  or similar methods of creating an artificial lack of scientific knowledge. All knowledge gained under the umbrella of the RSSS is to be open, available to all and shared freely with acknowledgement to those who contributed.


All education must be free of charge and voluntary. As far as possible, education should be adapted to the student. The sooner a student can be offered a mentor and real-life experience, the better. The science of education must proceed and tools must be developed for quick evaluation of sources and sharing of information in different media and lamguages.

Sustainable design

Tools and items should be designed with re-usability, repairs and recycling as top priority. This may mean that some convenience and features we've grown acustomed too must be sacrificed in order to achieve a more circular and sustainable economy. As technology advances, we will be able to reclaim features lost to this endeavour but it is still a necessary paradigm shift. Everything from clothing to transport, everyday tools and large scale production is affected.

Free CAD

CAD - meaning simulation, geometry creation and evaluation or other forms of computer aided design  - must be free and high performing. The creation and maintenance of such a stýstem is a priority. Free access to such tools would enable designs by the community to be shared and continously improved. 


There are several large projects that are within the realm of possibilities today, such as low Earth orbit sturctures and Moon bases. More down to earth is the need to mitigate the effects of climate instability, expansion of clean energy production and distribution and many other sorely needed planetwide civil works.


Having an off-world production site, such as on the Moon or a network of stations, with the ability to go from material to advanced product and the ability to create the tooling it contains, will be instrumental in any space exploration endeavour.

Intelligence revolution

Artificial intelligence research is of immense importance. The road to general artificial intelligence, be it speed AI or artificial neural network based or any other type, is the key to humanitys future both in space and on Earth.


Secure, stable and open software requires sharp tools in the form of effective, fast and accessible programming languages and  development utilities. The use of AI, graphical programming and other enablin technology must be implemented and continously developed in an open form.


Specifications and development of hardware and the necessary production equipment must be open and coordinated  in order to expand capability and capacity  within both ectronic, digital, photonic and other areas, which are so vital for building an effective knowledge-based society.  

Food production

The open use of genetically modified crops, sustainable farming methods and a reduction of animal husbandry would enable us to feed the world. In addition, global coordination and planning could eliminate waste. Indeed, with the looming climate changes it is not an option - it is a matter of survival.